With the photos here proposed we have a nice look to what is proposed at the Science Center of Boston (U.S.A.).
This is one of the largest and more avanced exposition for the diffusion of science and techonology culture in the world. As the other science centres, the large number of exhibits are interactive ones. This means that there is the possibility for everyone of the public to make his own demonstration with his hand directly on the exhibit. For example in FIG. 1
Image and FIG. 2
there is practical possibility to display a geometric optics experiment or a viscosity experiment.
ImageThere are some historical exhibits (as in FIG. 3)
Imageor some impressive ones as the Dino at the entrance (FIG. 4 ) .
Image Due to the large interest of the public in dinos, there are also on this popular issue, teaching tools (FIG.5).
For nature and hystorical themes, are present many dioramas (as in FIG. 6 and FIG.7 ).
ImageVery interessing is also the part devoted to technological application (see the nice image in FIG. 8 0082 jpg)
Imageas the part devoted to the main construction plans which interest the city (see FIG. 9 ) hosting the science center.
As is clearly visible from these photos, the existence of science center turns out to be a fundamental point of culture and developement for every city nowadays.