IDEA is a non-profit indepedent european association based on a professional expert network involved for years in european and international research studies, training programmes, public/private partnership building initiatives and scientific collaboration with similar organisations. Request of membership should be transmitted and duly completeted by the interested parties.

Full membership gives you additional services and involves you in the IDEA expert networks activity.


Full Members
Full members are voting members at the Annual General Meeting.
Full members can be elected to the Board during the AGM.
Full members can be designated by the Board to become part of one IDEA Committee's.
Full members are invited to attend the Board once a year (july 2004).
Full members are privileged partners for IDEA collaborative projects.
Full members have priority access to IDEA services.
Full members receive regular information by mail on major IDEA activity.


Associate Members
Associate Members are individuals and or non-profit entities which intend to collaborate with IDEA members.
Associate members also include institutions and individuals who share IDEA' s
aims and are interested to participate in its activities.

Sustaining Members
Sustaining Members are for-profit organisations who create products and services for the sector, and are interested to participate in IDEA activities.

IDEA is an Independent non-profit think-tank association under Belgian Law since 2000 and does not act on behalf of any governmental institution.

Is based on an open expert network and their trans-national expertise, has been involved for years in European and international studies, on field projects in disadvantaged areas, European partnership building initiatives among the private and the public sector operators.


Has been particularly active in European training, research and studies in economic development and regional integration, Information and Communication Technology applications in less developed regions and countries.


MAX project final event

Building new narratives: Migration and its contribution to European society


IDE@, Independent Development European Association, is a non-profit association based on an expert and human network engaged for years in European and international studies, training, transnational partnership building initiatives among the private and the public sector operators.
IDE@ is active mainly in the field of sustainable innovation, information and communication technologies and know-how transfer, entrepreneurship culture, environment policies, welfare and internationalisation of regional/local systems, life-long learning programmes, intercultural cooperation and regional integration processes particularly in disadvantaged areas and less developed countries.
IDE@ is an independent and open organization which does not act on behalf of any governmental institution.

Aims and working methodologies
IDE@, made by the most significant experiences and qualified competences matured during years by its members, is a bridge willing to contribute with its innovative solutions to the improvement of the quality of life.
It develops, promotes and exchanges society visions, it analyses market failures, designs strategic sectorial information products (benchmark model) and training modules through innovative and pro-active methodologies particularly in view of economic and institutional integration in Europe. Mediterranean, Central and Eastern Europe countries are to be considered, not neglecting non E.U. Member States, a high priority of intervention.
Through permanent links with interested Institutions and actors, IDE@ focuses on “best practice”, “case study” analysis, delivering short training courses and capacity building sessions, developing special initiatives, seminars or public debates, stimulating the dialogue with similar or complimentary academic and research institutes.
IDE@ assists and supports interested private or public operators, European/International networks, interested Institutions, single experts, policy makers in connecting to specific and high profile expertise.

IDE@ permanent tools of action

  • Monitoring, collection and dissemination of “best practices” solutions and relative know–how which may impact in the daily life and for the benefits of civil society.
  • Specialized on-line magazine/archives accessible to public, and yearly Multilanguage publication for the supply of up-dated data on specific IDE@ aims.
  • Tailor made partner research coherent to IDE@ aims.
  • Extension of IDE@ Network activities through a wide international connection framework mainly based on new information technologies.
  • Tutoring and implementation of special projects.

IDE@ rule and fuel
All IDE@ members and supporters are committed to do their best effort to implement the Statutory aims of the Association.
The association relies on membership fees, donations, sponsoring or specific contracted projects. IDE@, thanking to its world wide expert connections, does not require large permanent premises but mostly prefers to locate its activities where most effective is for its members and partners.
IDE@ is composed of a Board of Directors, Chairman, Director, Treasurer, Scientific Coordinator, Senior/Junior Researchers, Training Coordinator.