IDEA is a non-profit indepedent european association based on a professional expert network involved for years in european and international research studies, training programmes, public/private partnership building initiatives and scientific collaboration with similar organisations. Request of membership should be transmitted and duly completeted by the interested parties.

Full membership gives you additional services and involves you in the IDEA expert networks activity.


Full Members
Full members are voting members at the Annual General Meeting.
Full members can be elected to the Board during the AGM.
Full members can be designated by the Board to become part of one IDEA Committee's.
Full members are invited to attend the Board once a year (july 2004).
Full members are privileged partners for IDEA collaborative projects.
Full members have priority access to IDEA services.
Full members receive regular information by mail on major IDEA activity.


Associate Members
Associate Members are individuals and or non-profit entities which intend to collaborate with IDEA members.
Associate members also include institutions and individuals who share IDEA' s
aims and are interested to participate in its activities.

Sustaining Members
Sustaining Members are for-profit organisations who create products and services for the sector, and are interested to participate in IDEA activities.